Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Grandville Lodge Residential Home

Data Protection Statement and Privacy Policy


At Grandville Lodge we are responsible for holding medical and personal information about yourselves relating to the care that we provide.

Types of personal information that we hold

The information listed below is gained from your initial admission paperwork completed by yourself or your next of kin.

  • Your name, title, gender preference, nationality and date of birth.
  • Your previous address details
  • Details of your next of kin
  • Your previous medical history
  • Details of your GP and practice
  • Details of any other medical professionals involved in your care
  • Details of previous admissions to hospital
  • Details of the medication you are taking
  • Details of your Advanced Care Planning
  • Your care plan

Who we share your personal data with


  • Your GP or other involved healthcare professionals
  • The hospital if you are admitted for treatment
  • Our preferred pharmacist and supplier of medications
  • Social services if they are involved in the provision of your care
  • The local council if they are involved in funding of your care
  • The Care Quality Commission during any inspections of the home

How we store your data

Your data is stored in either digital or hard copy format.  Your digital data is kept on a security password protected computer which is not part of a computer network.  Only senior members of the management team are able to access this information which is used for care purposes only.

The hard copy data is kept in a personalised folder in a locked cupboard in a locked office.  Only senior members of the management team are able to access this information which is used for care purposes only.

Daily information records which detail the care that you have received during that 24 hour period are used by care staff however, these documents do not contain sensitive information.

How long your personal data held for


Grandville Lodge Residential Home keeps your information for the duration that you are a resident with us.  We are legally obliged to keep your records for at least seven years following your stay at Grandville Lodge.  These records are kept secure at all times.

Access to personal information

You have a right to request copies of the data held about you from the Deputy or Registered Manager.

How to object to the Development Office processing your personal data

You have a right to object at any time to Grandville Lodge Residential Home processing and storing your data for any or all the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy. Please be aware, however, that the data kept about yourself is kept for the purposes of supporting your care and in most cases is a legal requirement of our registration as a residential care home.

If you require any further information relating to this please email the Home Manager, Hayley Warner at